[AG-TECH] Virtual Venues

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 8 18:56:50 CST 2002


Please be aware of a quick reclassification while navigating through the 
virtual venues of the Access Grid.

We have reached a new height in AG usage.  This volume has led us to make a 
small change.  Most of you know additional virtual venues were created for 
SCGlobal testing last year.  These were listed at the top of our AG 
Schedule, but many of you may not have been assigned to them in the past.

Please note we have simply renamed the SCGlobal Lobby to "Additional 
Meeting Rooms Lobby."  You will soon see a greater usage of the rooms in 
this space, as well as some possible new ones later this year.  For now 
these include Kamar, Talus, and Dantooine.

REMEMBER to drive to Kamar, Talus, or Dantooine, you must go to the Access 
Grid Lobby, drive to "Additional Meeting Rooms Lobby", then simply go to 
your assigned virtual venue.  Thanks.


AG Virtual Venues
|   AG Lobby   |   Big Horn   |   Bridgeport   |   Full Sail*   |   Jack 
Frost*   |   Lucky Lab   |   Windmer*   |

Additional Virtual Venues
|   Add'l Meeting Room Lobby   |   Dantooine   |   Kamar   |   Talus*   |

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