[AG-TECH] Is Retreat broadcasted on AG ??

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Sat Jan 5 16:54:54 CST 2002

Rick Stevens wrote:

> The third reason is that we haven't yet implemented the AG based
> collaborative beer tasting feature that Don mentioned, so we have to do
> that part of the retreat in person.


I haven't forgotten this :)  I've actually been spending a lot of
time prepping for a collaborative NSF ITR proposal based on AG stuff, 
so keep putting this beer thing off.

I have been thinking, in the back of my find, the following:

- A semi-formal (but FUN!) AG event in mid-February, consisting of 
  contributed presentations by beer experts (I only know how to 
  drink it, and, truth be known, do a damned good job of it at
  times :)  Key goal is to keep this simple and fun - I think there
  are enough potential home brewers, experts, etc. in our community
  and, a number have expressed interest in contributing.

- Some sort of event at the retreat designed to apply the "beer
  theory" attained from the AG event into real, applied, uhhhh, 
  "science???" :) :)

So, thanks for nudging me on this, Rick!



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