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The software for the cameras is available as a free download from the 
manufacturer of whatever cameras you have.  You can daisy chain the 
cameras, you just have to use the little switch on them to identify each 
camera(set the first camera to 1, the second to 2 and so on).  Yes you do 
need separate cables for the daisy chain, but finding them is next to 
impossible.  I found the pin-out information and made ours.  They only use 
5 of the 8 pins, the pin out is:
Good luck and have fun.

At 06:41 PM 1/29/02 -0600, Satish Devarapalli wrote:
>Can some one suggest a vendor for getting the Camera control software and
>the visca cables. Can we daisy chain these cameras and connect them all
>to a single port ? If yes, do we use any separate cables for daisy chaining.
>(I see VISCA IN and OUT, so possibly we can daisy chain them).
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> >David,
> >
> >We haven't played with the Tandberg Panel but have had some tech-talks
> >A/V firms that use AMX type panels.  They are pretty nice but expensive
> >to
> >purchase and costly to install.  From what we saw they didn't seem to add
> >enough value for the money for the average Grid node.  They may be
> >appropriate though for a very high end location that will also serve other
> >functions like the conference room you mentioned. Most of these systems
> >allow you to control all aspects of the room - lighting, camera,
> >projections, sound, drapes/curtains, etc - but require that the items to
> >be
> >controlled use devices that work with the companies panel.  That's were
> >it
> >gets expensive.
> >
> >If you are looking to add camera control, the Sony and Cannon cameras have
> >software which can run on the display machine to control the cameras.
> >connect up using a visca control cable in series through the cameras which
> >then connects back into the serial port on the display machine or other.
> >The cameras are IDed by the system and controlled individually, or through
> >presets, by the software.  It's actually pretty slick and the cost is pretty
> >reasonable.
> >
> >
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> >On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 19:40:19 -0600  Satish Devarapalli wrote:
> >> Has any used Tandberg Control Panel to control the cameras we use in
> >
> >I am not directly familiar with the Tandberg control panel (though
> >I've seen one), but my guess is that it uses AMX, an industry standard
> >protocol for the control of A/V, lighting, etc. which is widely used
> >in high-end conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.
> >
> >As AG becomes a more established and widespread tool, I expect that
> >integration of AMX interface capabilities into AG would be interesting
> >for some customers.  For example: we're building some new buildings
> >here shortly, and there will be a couple of connference rooms and
> >lecture rooms which would be good candidates for AG nodes (not clear
> >how many we'll have) and also good candidates to have AMX control
> >systems (I don't know exactly what's planned in this respect).  It
> >would be nice if they could all play nicely together.
> >
> >On the other hand, given its nature, I suspect that AMX integration is
> >more likely to come from A/V vendors who supply conference room
> >systems and become interested in AG as an addition to their product
> >line rather than the research community that currently dominates AG
> >development.
> >
> >Just my opinion.
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