[AG-TECH] Tandberg Control panel

Satish Devarapalli devasat at iit.edu
Tue Jan 29 18:41:26 CST 2002

Can some one suggest a vendor for getting the Camera control software and
the visca cables. Can we daisy chain these cameras and connect them all
to a single port ? If yes, do we use any separate cables for daisy chaining.
(I see VISCA IN and OUT, so possibly we can daisy chain them).


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>We haven't played with the Tandberg Panel but have had some tech-talks
>A/V firms that use AMX type panels.  They are pretty nice but expensive
>purchase and costly to install.  From what we saw they didn't seem to add
>enough value for the money for the average Grid node.  They may be
>appropriate though for a very high end location that will also serve other
>functions like the conference room you mentioned. Most of these systems
>allow you to control all aspects of the room - lighting, camera,
>projections, sound, drapes/curtains, etc - but require that the items to
>controlled use devices that work with the companies panel.  That's were
>gets expensive.
>If you are looking to add camera control, the Sony and Cannon cameras have
>software which can run on the display machine to control the cameras. 
>connect up using a visca control cable in series through the cameras which
>then connects back into the serial port on the display machine or other.
>The cameras are IDed by the system and controlled individually, or through
>presets, by the software.  It's actually pretty slick and the cost is pretty
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>On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 19:40:19 -0600  Satish Devarapalli wrote:
>> Has any used Tandberg Control Panel to control the cameras we use in
>I am not directly familiar with the Tandberg control panel (though
>I've seen one), but my guess is that it uses AMX, an industry standard
>protocol for the control of A/V, lighting, etc. which is widely used
>in high-end conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.
>As AG becomes a more established and widespread tool, I expect that
>integration of AMX interface capabilities into AG would be interesting
>for some customers.  For example: we're building some new buildings
>here shortly, and there will be a couple of connference rooms and
>lecture rooms which would be good candidates for AG nodes (not clear
>how many we'll have) and also good candidates to have AMX control
>systems (I don't know exactly what's planned in this respect).  It
>would be nice if they could all play nicely together.
>On the other hand, given its nature, I suspect that AMX integration is
>more likely to come from A/V vendors who supply conference room
>systems and become interested in AG as an addition to their product
>line rather than the research community that currently dominates AG
>Just my opinion.
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