[AG-TECH] Virtual Venues Server Software

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Tue Jan 15 08:19:12 CST 2002


I'm getting ready to think about trying to install and try
the virtual venue server.  The last email I see on this issue
is from Kabe Vanderbaan, dating 14 September, and I don't
see signs of success :)


Is this the latest?  Has anybody gotten this stuff working?
Is there additional info I ought to know before jumping into
this?  The intent will be to install on top of an AG 1.0
installation.  Kabe, did you ever get this going?

Also, guess the info "might" be in the documentation but.....
to ultimately get this working, it seems to me I'm gonna need
to get my hands on several Class D IP addresses?  How does
one "get their hands" on Class D addresses?  Seems like it
might be much different than the Class A-C game, but
I have no idea.



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