[AG-TECH] The AGN Minimum Requirements Document

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Feb 28 13:33:48 CST 2002


Cool points.  I'll incorporate your suggestions if I can find ways to do so.
One point to Luc is that I've put in a _known working minimum
configuration_, the idea was that this isn't necessarily a minimum working
configuration, but a minimum working configuration we've used.  I could
posit plenty of others, but that wouldn't be helpful :-).



PS -- extra items should definitely be nuked, and I'm doing so as you

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> I think too that the configuration at the end is misleading
> since it's nothing but a "minimum" configuration, with:
>  - dual 1Ghz PentiumIII PCs
>  - Gigabit switch 16 ports
>  - 8 (4+4) mics
>  - KVM switch
> Without trying to be cheap, we run on 3 PCs wich are
> regular monoproc 1.2Ghz atlhons (really basic ones),
> a 5 ports 100mbits switch, and 3 very light video
> projectors (1.3kg). With a wireless mouse/keyboard,
> it's fine.
> As a personal preference, I would recommend Nvidia
> dual-head card (AGP and PCI), so you would get decent 3D
> performance under both Linux and Win. For those who
> are interested, Nvidia announced a 4-output PCI card
> recently.
> Luc.
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>    I think Ivan did a nice job on the minimum requirements document.
> I did have a few small questions though - mainly on Appendix A.
> Of course, as a "reference installation" maybe I'm trying to read
> too much into this and it should have a disclaimer referencing
> the current AGDP Access Grid Hardware Specification that it
> references with the note.
> Anyway, there were a few things that maybe were typos or could be
> clarified:
> 1.  PC - Control is listed as running Redhat Linux.  I think GWare
> only runs on windows, right?  I know there is a plan to move to a
> different sort of control system but I thought the reference would
> be a "current" implementation (e.g. AGiB 1.0).
> 2.  4 Radio Labs S-VHS Video Amplifier + Power.  I think a part
> number would be good as I don't recall much detail on the use
> of these in other doc (but I might have missed it).
> 3.  Gentner XAP-800 TH1 - I think it is actually called an XAP TH1
> (or was, it has been replaced with the XAP TH2 and I see they've
> added a XAP-400 now too).  But it does point to the problem of
> trying to document configurations (sigh).
> 4.  Radio Labs Bi-directional IHF Interface. Again, I think a
> model number would be helpful because most of us are more familiar
> with the MM100.
> 5.  There are cables listed to/from an MM100 which is not in
> the list of items.  I suspect they are to/from the RDL unit
> mentioned above.
>    Come to think of it, should the minimum capable reference
> include items which probably are site specific and may not make
> a difference in how it performs?  E.g. XLR extension cables?
> It seems like the appendix is sort of a mixed parts list and
> performance reference.  For a performance reference I'd think
> you'd want to list the items referenced in the document and
> enough detail to indicate the base level of performance.  Maybe
> all the cables could be lumped into "And required cables" or
> something to make that list shorter and avoid the tendency to
> make it a shopping list.  I think it would be better to keep
> the AGDP AG Hardware Specs updated often as the shopping
> list for those build their own nodes.
>    Marty

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