[AG-TECH] RAT line-in swap

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:31:05 CST 2002

well, i'm sure this isn't the case with you but, it DID happen
to me once - i had a notebook partially over the keyboard and
it seemed to be hitting a key that caused that kind of switch
and, it took me a long time to realize that was the problem :)

you never know :)

andrea jackson wrote:
> During our test cruise today I had problems with the RAT 'line-in' option
> automatically switching to 'microphone', thus disabling our outgoing audio
> mid-session (I'm sure as can be that it was not a slip of the finger when
> muting the Talk option above it) This happened twice and I had to reset it
> manually. It was not too disruptive the second time, as I had discovered
> what to look for, and the solution was simple and speedy - just click on
> 'microphone'  to scroll back to 'line-in'.
> Does anyone know why this happens and if there is anything I can do to
> prevent it happening again?
> Thanks,
> Andrea
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