[AG-TECH] G550 problem on display machine

Christoph Willing chris at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Mon Feb 11 19:53:37 CST 2002

We use a G550 AGP and G450 PCI for our display box but it runs
Linux rather than Windows. With these cards we have 4 outputs of
1280x1024 each at 16bpp.

I initially had problems trying to run it at 24bpp - maybe thats an
isuue with W2K too?


>Has anyone tried using the G550 on their display machine?  I currently
>have a G550 AGP and a G200 pci in my Win2K box, and vic will only display
>video in my primary monitor. The video on the other monitors comes out
>garbled.  Everything worked fine when I had the G450 installed instead of
>the G550.
>I did talk to tech support about it and they said that capability just
>wasn't supported, but has anyone had a different experience?  
>btw, you can take a look at my conversation w/ Matrox tech support at:

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