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Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Thu Feb 7 12:55:29 CST 2002


As suggested by Lisa, I've updated our web page so that the 
official deadline for submitting presentation
ideas has been extended to 18:00 UTC, Monday, 11 February.  However,
the earlier you can commit to a presentation, the better.  In fact,
we're planning to start talking about agendas on Friday afternoon.

Please note that this is meant to be VERY informal - all you have to
do is talk about something (and, in fact, power point slides are
forbidden!!).  This is an AG Community Event, and we rely on you,
the beer drinkers of the AG community, to make it a success!!

If we don't achieve a critical mass in the number of talks then, you
may very well receive an email on Tuesday announcing that the name
of this event has changed to

        Watch Don Drink Moose Drool on the Access Grid

That, my friends, ought to scare some of you into submitting presentation
ideas!! :) :)  Even worse, I'll commit to jumping from venue to venue
in an effort to round up a party!! :) :) :) :)



Bottoms up,


Don Morton wrote:

> We need folks willing to present!!  To date, we have a partial
> commitment from someone here to talk about his home-brewed
> "Driveway Sealant Stout" (somehow that reminds me of Billy
> Beer, the beer that Jimmy Carter's brother tried to peddle
> on us in the post-Watergate days :) :), and we have someone
> willing to organize a round of beer drinking songs :)
> We could REALLY use contributions from those of you who know
> enough (or at least can give the appearance of) about beer
> to talk about history, taxonomy, tasting, etc.....
> Cheers,
> Don
> http://MRoCCS.cs.umt.edu/~morton/AGBeer2002/

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