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Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Thu Feb 7 11:46:21 CST 2002


Please follow link below to the Official Home Page of the Beer

We'd love to have participation ranging (time zone wise) from the
Americas, to Europe, to Asia and Australia, so the times of the
conference have been meticulously (i.e. not under the influence)
chosen to be within the realm of "reasonable" waking hours.
Of course, making this "convenient" for everybody is impossible
from the start so, we're simply going to hold fast to the times
proposed in the last email (start at 23:00 UTC, Friday, 15 

We need folks willing to present!!  To date, we have a partial
commitment from someone here to talk about his home-brewed
"Driveway Sealant Stout" (somehow that reminds me of Billy
Beer, the beer that Jimmy Carter's brother tried to peddle
on us in the post-Watergate days :) :), and we have someone
willing to organize a round of beer drinking songs :)

We could REALLY use contributions from those of you who know
enough (or at least can give the appearance of) about beer
to talk about history, taxonomy, tasting, etc.....



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