[AG-TECH] echo-cancellation on the cheap?

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 1 11:44:16 CST 2002

Seems to me that there is a seperate issue here which really
needs to be looked at. And that is the institutional funding model 
for the deployment of AccessGrid technologies. Gurcharan makes a 
strong case for why we need to look at this from a different angle.
Just as the networking costs use a distributed model which is
transparent to individual programs, the installation, operation 
and utilization of AccessGrid nodes should follow a funding
structure which is collaborative and cross departamental in
scope and transparent to individual programs so that it is not a 
burden but a joy to use. 

It is true that individual research programs cannot effectively 
procure the various hardware items on their budgets alone. 
But, if you were to combine the interests of several programs
and collaboratively create and design facilities to meet the 
communication and collaboration needs of the institution
as a whole instead of program by program - then we would
not be sitting here discussing the minor cost of a several 
thousand dollar echo cancellation box.

The AccessGrid is an enabling technology to enhance collaboration.
This concept should be extended to the installation and operation 
of AccessGrid nodes as well. A quick example would be the collaboration
of various expertise in departments like Theater/Art/Video Production
and/or Audio/Visual coupled with Science and Engineering departments
to create a rich cross institutional activity.

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