[AG-TECH] CCS Wednesday Seminar (February 13th)

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Feb 9 11:00:44 CST 2002

>- I read in the AG documents that it is recommended that the Control
>system should use either Win98 or WinME because the Gentner software
>doesn't operate quite well under Win2K. Why is this so and if possible
>could anybody elaborate on these issues ? We do have some issues with the
>audio portion here every now and then when the sound breaks up
>intermittently and I just want to check on this rat hole. Our equipment is
>pretty much the recommended one according to the AG documentation.

The latest gentner software (APWare for AP400/AP800/AP10, GWare for XAP800) 
works great under Win2k now.

Incoming audio breaks up, or your outgoing audio breaks up? Check the 
reception quality matrix on your rat (bottom left of the main rat window, 
middle button). You may be seeing network loss causing this, if it's 
incoming audio breaking up.

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