[AG-TECH] help

Hailong Li hailong.li at ccaix.jsums.edu
Fri Feb 8 17:15:08 CST 2002

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Hailong Li. I am a new AG Node Operator of Jackson State University.
Our new AGN has some thing wrong, would you please to help me?

Q1. When I tried to contact Outside AGN, in the Access Grid Lobby window,  there
was a message: Waiting for video...., the video never came up.

Q2. About the Audio System. From the control machine, after launch the AP-Ware
program, when click the connect button, I got the error message in the Message
Log window: 

12:12:10( Error-16) Thereis no DSR Signal. Check cabling and make sure you have
a device at the other end.
12:12:12(Error-1) No response from AP Units
12:12:12(AP-Ware) Disconnecting from the site.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!


Hailong Li
Jackson State University

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