[AG-TECH] ClearOne & PIG?

Matthew Wolf mwolf at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Aug 29 14:54:56 CDT 2002

"Jonathan C. Humfrey" wrote:
> Has anyone tried using one of the Gentner mic pad conference phones?  It
> seems like it would pick up at least the audio from a small conference
> room table?
> Jonathan

This has been part of my confusion.  Gentner no longer exists as a brand
name -- ClearOne is the new name.  So I think that what you're talking
about is exactly the same thing as the ClearOne conference phone.

Similar deal with ASPI -- they've been bought by polycom.  And I haven't
been able to find any of their products on the web to purchase(maybe
because of the rebranding).

So...  things still aren't clear to me.  It looks to me like the PIG
audio hardware is well-defined-as-a-spec but not
well-defined-as-hardware.  I guess that just goes with being on the
cutting edge.  :-)

Thanks, everyone,


        -- Matthew Wolf 
        -- Research Scientist, IHPC Laboratory
        -- College of Computing, Georgia Tech
        -- mwolf at cc.gatech.edu

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