[AG-TECH] telco bridge testing volunteers?

Jennifer Teig Von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Aug 29 10:08:27 CDT 2002

Hi everybody,

David McInteer (on behalf of University of Kentucky) has written a HOWTO 
for the AGDP on providing network/telco audio bridges. I'm looking for a 
few volunteers to test his step-by-step instructions, as part of the 
AGDP review process.

What you'd need to test this is:

         * An AG node which is currently working reasonably well
         * A telco line available to your Gentner
         * An AP800/AP10 system AND/OR an AP40 system
         * An hour or so, sometime in the next week, to test the doc and
           take notes on any issues

If you'd like to volunteer, please let me know.


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