[AG-TECH] Human factors and AG

Michael Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Thu Aug 29 04:08:20 CDT 2002


We've been helping out a student at Sheffield University (Caroline Spencer -
cc-ed) who's done a dissertation on Human Factors and the AG, in
collaboration with BAE Systems. I think she's just coming to the end of
writing up her project. It might be useful to see if she's got any ideas of
fruitful future work in this area.

One thing occurred to me (too late to mention to Caroline, unfortunately)
was that it might be interesting to see how using the AG affects interaction
between participants at the *same* local site. I wonder if people get too
dazed by looking at the screen and ignore people sitting physically next to
them. (Or maybe that's because we sit them in a line!) Just a thought...


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> Hi -
> We have an undergraduate who is interested in
> human factors and the Access Grid.  At WPI
> we require each student to complete a major
> project which relates technology and society.
> (This project is a graduation requirement.)
> The descriptions and content of such projects
> is fairly flexible.  We are currently at the
> beginning of her project experience so I am
> turning to the AG community for suggestions.
> What is the AG community most interested in
> with regards to 'human factors and the AG'?
> Is there a wish list of studies that folks
> would like to see?   Are there project ideas
> that we just didn't have the manpower for?
> I welcome any and all suggestions - I will
> present them to the student and we will
> see what interests her.
> Thanks for your help on this -
>   Julie
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