[AG-TECH] PIG Video Work Around

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Aug 15 18:42:17 CDT 2002

There's a bug in the PIG on XP - (patch for which I sent to Bob) - the VRM 
starts up the old vic and not the mash vic.  That's why you have to do the 
workaround.  The bug affects the DRM as well - it starts up the non-dd vic 
for display.


At 05:40 PM 8/15/2002 -0500, Eric Hepburn wrote:
>Yeah, I've been able to get PIG working with my firewire camera...
>Thanks to some help from Robert Olson...
>Unfortunately, I can't get it working with the automated venue (java 
>scripted) process...
>However, I can get a session going manually... this workaround should be 
>effective for many of the alternative configurations out there...
>Here's how it goes:
>1. Point your Virtual Venue browser to a conference room (Test Room for 
>2. If you have PIG running it will pull up a VIC window that will allow 
>you to view the video streams from the other participants and a RAT window 
>for the audio.
>3. Your RAT audio connection should work, however, if you don't have an 
>osprey capture card you cannot send video only view the existing video streams.
>4. Close down the VIC window that PIG started automatically and open a 
>command prompt.
>5. Change directories to c:\ag\agapps\bin or add c:\ag\agapps\bin to your 
>6. Type the following command: mash vic <address>/<port>/<ttl>
>7. For test room this would be: mash vic
>8. This will open a VIC window, once again showing you the video of the 
>people already connected to the venue.  The difference is that now you can 
>select your Encoding device from the VIC settings menu if VIC recognizes 
>your device.
>9. If you can see your device in the 'encoder'->'device' section, you can 
>select it, then select your transmission settings, and select 
>transmit.  If it works you will see your own video with everyone elses in 
>the VIC window.
>Notes:  I am using a Sony firewire camera on a Dell Precision Workstation 
>running Windows XP Pro.  In the VIC window my firewire camera shows up as 
>"Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32)", with input "external-in".
>I've got a Logitech Quickcam 3000 laying around, I'll test and see if this 
>workaround works for that also, and I'll let you know.
>Hope this is helpful,
>Eric Hepburn
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>Has anybody had any luck with getting a USB and/or firewire camera to
>work with the PIG?

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