[AG-TECH] Data display on AG?

Richard Coffey richardc at sci.utah.edu
Mon Aug 12 18:36:26 CDT 2002

Hi Randy,

The SCI Institute has been working on a remote visualization client
specifically tailored to this kind of collaboration. We'll be featuring this
in a demo at Supercomputing 2002 in November. Currently we have a Java
prototype application, but we're working on something a bit more robust. It
will be used in conjunction with a Linux PIG.

If I remember correctly, Mike Papka (and all) at Argonne has been working on
remote visualization using a compressed video stream that's supposed to look

Hope that helps,

Richard Coffey, SCI Evangelist
SCI Institute
University of Utah
801-585-6513 fax

On 8/12/02 5:11 PM, "Randy Groves" <randy.groves at boeing.com> wrote:

> Is there any work being done in the AG community (or elsewhere) to
> integrate data display into the AG?  What I mean is the ability to include
> somewhat arbitrary output from programs of interest to collaborators.  For
> instance, in our case, our engineers probably would want the capability to
> display and manipulate a CATIA drawing as part of a collaboration.  The
> results of a wind tunnel test might be part of another
> collaboration.  Viewing the real-time dynamics of airflow over a wing.  I
> have to admit a large amount of ignorance in this field.  Is VNC our only
> answer at this point?
> And whatever solutions present themselves have to take into account the
> necessity for security.  Either the pipe or the application needs to
> provide a secure level of encryption.
> Thanks in advance for any pointers!!
> -randy

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