[AG-TECH] physical security

Gurcharan S. Khanna Gurcharan.S.Khanna at Dartmouth.EDU
Sat Aug 3 00:53:10 CDT 2002


i'm currently in the middle of trying to set up a very simple version of such a
system with the very modest goals of a technology demo and simple social

basically, i have available two Sony 42" plasma displays, one wall mounted 
in a student center and the other on a heavy stand in a new library/cafe area.
i intend to set up an always-on two way audio/video conference between these
two public spaces frequented by students. i've considered using AG technology
to do this (and may indeed try it ultimately) but am convinced that in this
of venue that the quality of the video must be the highest possible to make it
attractive enough to draw students to try it out.

since i will control both ends of this experiment on campus i can choose (and
vary) the technology--i'm looking at window media codecs, DVTS, mp4, and
anything with high quality and low latency. (our routers are being upgraded
as well so i should be able to eventually use high bandwidth codecs if i need

after that i'd love to extend it to more points on campus and eventually to
sites off campus. with multiple possible endpoints, the user interface will
extremely important, so i hope i can find or develop something appropriate to
keep the functionality predominant over the technology as far what the user
i know such "cyberportals" have been set up not only in museums and public
spaces as mentioned by others, but also between corporate and university sites
separated by long distances but associated by common project goals or other

anyone else who wants to seriously pursue such a system, i'd love to
with. any comments welcome.

Gurcharan S. Khanna
Associate Director
Research Computing
Dartmouth College
tele: 603-646-1644

--- Robert Heckendorn wrote:
> I completely agree that this is problematic.  However, with properly
> planned dedicated space, a public AG is possible and setting up a few
> of them in public spaces could be an interesting demo.  Imagine random
> walk by conversations between folks at nodes set up in common areas.  
> Or between a pair of museums as part of a technology demo.

I have really wanted to do this but I don't where I would get funding.
It would be public art... an experiment in psychology... an experiment
in human behavior.  I would like to have a wall in various places
around the globe that is in contact with others periodically changing
1-1 mappings.  What if historically antagonistic people could talk
through a wall that prevents physical contact or fear of place or
situation?  Would the wall become a forum for discourse or hatred
display or what?  Would friendships arise between people who can't
touch or move from location?  Would relatives meet across barriers of
politics, and space?  Could people better work out their own problems
over distance with strangers than traditional means?  What would be
the effect on third party observers that are allowed to watch but not
participate?  Would people give others the gift of performace such as
play music or tell stories because you can't give anything physical
across the barrier.  What if three way conversations could be set up,
what is the best way to make that work?  etc.  If I could think of who
is crazy enough to fund such an off-the-wall experiment I would write
the grant.  But this seems too wild for any normal funding agency.
--- end of quote ---

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