[AG-TECH] physical security

andrea jackson a.jackson at mcc.ac.uk
Fri Aug 2 01:49:50 CDT 2002

> We are being asked to move our AG from a secure room to a public room
> with 24 hour student access.  This seems like a very bad idea.  Is
> anyone successfully running their AG in a room that can't be locked?
> If so then what precautions do you take so that camera etc don't
> get stolen.
> thanks for any help,

Dear Robert,

The above is an idea so completely potty that it beggars belief. Whoever is
pressing you to do this must be made aware of the risks involved. Your
site's credibilty in the AG community will plummet to zero the first time
you have to cancel your involvement in an AG meeting because your kit has
gone AWOL or been tampered with by aspiring hackers who can't believe their
luck that you've gifted it within their reach during full moon. The second
and third time it happens we'll be writing web pages about you and running
competitions for the best jokes and cartoons at your site's expense. You
will pass into legend. Beyond that, nobody will ever trust you again as a
viable attendee at AG meetings. And your department will be bankrupt.

Feel free to show this post to the person/s responsible for this ludicrous

Regards, and wishing you the best of luck,

Andrea Jackson
Manchester Computing
Tel +44 161 275 6090
accessgrid at man.ac.uk

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