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There is an open source, multi-platform project that deals with high
resolution video and multicast:  www.videolan.org

These tools can take high-resolution video from an MPEG2 capture
card, DVD, or MPEG files and stream out on multicast.

Osland, CD \(Chris\)  wrote (on Fri, 30 Aug 2002 at 13:05):
> I've just had a long chat, by phone, with Sascha.  His interest
> is, as he says, mainly in getting high quality stored media such
> as DVD quality video over the Internet, but is also interested
> in aspects of this that relate to AG.  He is hoping to get an AG
> built at his institute.
> It appears to me that a number of requirements are covered by the
> term 'High Definition Access Grid':
> 	for camera sources or external analogue sources ...
> 		better than CIF image compression (e.g. full PAL or NTSC
> 		rather than sampled down to half in X and half in Y)
> 		higher frame rates at CIF and better resolution (e.g. up
> 		to what would be needed to lip read)
> 		capture of resolutions higher than PAL/NTSC (e.g. using
> 		the card mentioned at the AG Retreat - I'll look at the
> 		CD-ROM of the proceedings to get more details)
> 	for internal digital sources (e.g. computer application) ...
> 		higher bandwidth allowing things like VNC to work
> 		closer to real-time while still loss-less
> 		better ability to control trade-off between spatial
> 		resolution (compression) and frame rate in things like VNC
> 	for external digital sources (e.g. DVD)
> 		mechanisms that make it worthwhile having such sources,
> 		i.e. that provide better results at remote sites than
> 		the same sources captured and relayed as analogue signals
> 		multi-channel sound
> Some of these may already be available in VIC, RAT and VNC but do not
> appear to be used by the AG community.  In at least one case while
> we were testing with Belfast, they switched VIC to a higher
> (spatial) resolution on the fly and every connected site's Display
> system crashed instantly!
> If there are others who would (a) like to experiment with the
> existing tools to see what already works, (b) continue airing
> this topic in ag-tech, and (c) maybe occasionally meet over the
> AG to discuss ways forward, that would be good.
> Cheers
> Chris Osland
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