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I've just had a long chat, by phone, with Sascha.  His interest
is, as he says, mainly in getting high quality stored media such
as DVD quality video over the Internet, but is also interested
in aspects of this that relate to AG.  He is hoping to get an AG
built at his institute.

It appears to me that a number of requirements are covered by the
term 'High Definition Access Grid':

	for camera sources or external analogue sources ...
		better than CIF image compression (e.g. full PAL or NTSC
		rather than sampled down to half in X and half in Y)

		higher frame rates at CIF and better resolution (e.g. up
		to what would be needed to lip read)

		capture of resolutions higher than PAL/NTSC (e.g. using
		the card mentioned at the AG Retreat - I'll look at the
		CD-ROM of the proceedings to get more details)

	for internal digital sources (e.g. computer application) ...
		higher bandwidth allowing things like VNC to work
		closer to real-time while still loss-less

		better ability to control trade-off between spatial
		resolution (compression) and frame rate in things like VNC

	for external digital sources (e.g. DVD)
		mechanisms that make it worthwhile having such sources,
		i.e. that provide better results at remote sites than
		the same sources captured and relayed as analogue signals

		multi-channel sound

Some of these may already be available in VIC, RAT and VNC but do not
appear to be used by the AG community.  In at least one case while
we were testing with Belfast, they switched VIC to a higher
(spatial) resolution on the fly and every connected site's Display
system crashed instantly!

If there are others who would (a) like to experiment with the
existing tools to see what already works, (b) continue airing
this topic in ag-tech, and (c) maybe occasionally meet over the
AG to discuss ways forward, that would be good.


Chris Osland

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From: Sascha Ignjatovic [mailto:sascha at chello.at]
Sent: 12 August 2002 11:45
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Subject: [AG-TECH] HDAG

hi my name is sascha from vienna austria..

i am very interested in access grid and starting in september
we will try to build one at the technical university of vienna

thank you all for your work in developing and aplying this
cool and future technologie...

i am not a technical person as i am more  into aplications..

so hier i have a question...

john shalf from lbl told me that there is already the
"next big thing" the


i wrote to rick stevens got not a replay so far..

becouse i am little inpatient :-) now i am humbly asking the list..

if there is any information already available on the HDAG
i would apreciate it very much...!!


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