[AG-TECH] IGMPv3, Source Specific Multicast, fully supported in Windows XP

Bill Nickless nickless at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Aug 16 00:36:03 CDT 2002

At 10:01 PM 8/15/2002 -0700, Jay Beavers wrote:

>Since I'm not a router bithead, can anyone give me a heads up if I should 
>expect SSM to "just work" between Internet2 nodes?  Or might there be 

Hi Jay,

To answer your specific question: the Internet2 Abilene network is ready 
and capable of running SSM, and has been for well over a year.

That being said, the problem with SSM deployment revolves around the need 
for network edge devices like switches and routers to support IGMPv3.  It's 
difficult to find Ethernet switches that support IGMPv3, and they're not 
the most economical choices.

In a strange inversion of the normal situation, the backbone is capable of 
SSM service well before the local area networks of the connected sites.  If 
you can find a site that supports SSM/IGMPv3 locally, it's a pretty good 
bet that they can do SSM with most all other similar sites.

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