[AG-TECH] upgrade questions

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Aug 1 15:37:10 CDT 2002

At 06:46 AM 8/1/2002 -0500, Robert Olson wrote:
>is this with all the windows on the AGP display panes?
>We've got our Parhelia installed in a test machine; hopefully I'll get a 
>chance today or tomorrow to plug it into our projectors and fire up the 
>node with it (Relevancy: Parhelia has 3 AGP outputs, so you should be able 
>to stay off the PCI panes with video).

I just did some testing.  So far, I have to say it works great. We've got a 
1Ghz Duron box set up (<$500!) with just the Parhelia for display. This 
gives me 3 AGP heads, with all the icons etc on one of them.

In the test room just now, I was able to fire up enough medium and large 
windows to pretty much fill the screens. CPU util stayed at around 70%, and 
vic reported 0% loss. With a fullscreen tiling of the Lobby video at the 
small size, the CPU was at 100%, and window motion was impossible, but the 
video looked really good. With this card it appears the resource balance 
has changed - all the CPU appears to be going to rendering, with GUI I/O 
events getting starved. Argues for adaptive downrating the rendering based 
on some measure of machine loading (and for choosing downrating based on 
"importance" of the various streams).


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