[AG-TECH] Beacon Problem from NCAR to several sites esp. SDSC

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Apr 29 17:12:14 CDT 2002

David, you probably know a lot more about this than
I do but, it's been my experience that beacons need
to be restarted from time to time, or they'll sometimes
start showing problems where they may not really exist
(except in the beacon code :)).  "Maybe" that's all it 
is in your case??

David Mitchell wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've noticed that NCAR is experiencing problems sending to
> several sites according to the beacon. We don't seem to be
> experiencing problems sending actual audio and video, at least
> as far as has been reported.
> I've started looking at the traffic flowing to SDSC since I
> would expect it to work well. The beacons being sourced from
> at NCAR make it to the I2 router LOSA and are sent
> out interface ATM1/0.3 towards SDSC as expected. But they
> never seem to make it to the host.
> If somebody who has access to the router medusa.sdsc.edu which
> sits between Abilene and the SDSC AG node could take a look at
> the mroute table for our sender and let me know what it shows
> I would be very appreciative. Especially the commands:
> show ip mroute
> and
> show ip mroute active
> Thanks in advance,
> -David Mitchell
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