[AG-TECH] VIC on display machine

Michael Gates mgates at SDSC.EDU
Fri Apr 26 12:38:02 CDT 2002

I'm having a lot of trouble with VIC on my display machine.  It is pegging
the cpu and is unresposive to moving of windows (the video in each window
still shows and moves).  I have had this problem with both vic and ddvic.
My display machine is a Windows PC, and I have this same problem in both
Windows 2000 and windows XP on both PIII and P4 machines.  The video cards
I am running are Geforce2 Mx400s (pci) and Either an integrated ATI or an
AGP Geforce2 256.

This problem makes it impossible for me to setup a display wall and change
views for different presenters.

Any ideas out there in AG land?

-Michael Gates

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