[AG-TECH] Access Grid and SC 2002

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Apr 17 11:08:40 CDT 2002

Hi Mike,

Good question. I'm glad you asked. :-)

After a lot of discussion, it was decided not to hold an SC Global
equivalent as part of SC 2002. The major factors were a) that there were
organizational issues about how best to integrate SC Global with the SC
Technical Program, as well as networking and logistics issues, and they
couldn't be resolved quickly enough, and b) we couldn't find an
appropriate volunteer to serve as SC Global chair for 2002, and didn't
have a sense that many people from the 2001 committee would be available
to serve again in 2002.

This was, of course, a *very* hard decision to make. Several of us
from the SC Global 2001 committee worked closely with Roscoe Giles, the
SC2002 Chair, in coming to this conclusion. I'm cc-ing him here in case
he'd like to chime in too.

The next SC Global will be held during SC2003. I'm serving as SC Global
Chair, and as such am on the SC03 Technical Program committee. SC Global
2003 will be on a much smaller scale -- one virtual venue instead of four
or more -- allowing us to concentrate on integration with the Technical
Program, addressing logistics and networking issues, and generally 
continuing to lay the groundwork for inclusion of SC Global as a
regularly-occuring component of the technical program. (I'm cc-ing the
planners lists for SCG03 as well, which includes Chuck Koelbel and Valerie
Taylor, co-chairs of the Technical Program, in case they'd like to add

All that being said. . . each year at SC, with or without SC Global, there
have been various activities over the AG involving the booths on the show
floor. This generally occurs in an ad-hoc way. And (speaking on my own
behalf, not on behalf of SC or SCG), it would be a great service to the AG
community if somebody out there would coordinate a schedule of AG events
during SC02, even if not accompanied by test cruises and such, not as a
part of official SC02 activities, but rather just to make all our jobs a
little easier during that hectic conference week.

And of course, if anybody wants to get involved in planning SC Global
2003, now you know who to talk to. :-)

- Jennifer

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Mike Daw wrote:

> Are there any plans to have a repeat (at least to some extent) of SC Global
> 2001? I can't see anything at the web site http://www.sc-2002.org/
> On another (but to me related) note: I've been asked by my folks here
> whether I'll do an Access Grid tutorial as part of Manchester's programme.
> My initial response was "But that's Argonne and Boston's bag!". However,
> apparently these tutorials are supposed to be collaborations anyway, so
> maybe it's appropriate. Any thoughts? (The submissions have to be in by Apr
> 26 and I'm not really available from Apr 23, so this is kind of urgent.)
> --Mike
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