[AG-TECH] Vic options in Win 2000

Kay Gunn gunn at colltech.com
Tue Apr 2 12:47:33 CST 2002

We are using windows 2000 as video capture machines with 
vic v2.8nlsde-2.1.3-1114.

I've found the command line options I need to make vic transmit on startup
as well as passing other options I need.  I'd like to be able to find a
way to automatically configure vic without using the command line.
In linux, I know that vic will use options set in the users home directory
in the file .vic.tcl.  Is there anything similar in windows 2000?  Or does
anyone know how to set the registry settings used by vic?

I found this in the documentation for vic:

The following are the names and default configuration options used by
vic. Any of these resources can be overridden using X resources (under
Unix) or the Windows registry (under Windows 95/NT). The -X command switch
overrides both the types of defaults and may be used multiple times on the
command line. For example, "-Xmtu=800" overrides Vic.mtu with 800. 
Vic.mtu (1024)
the maximum transmission unit for vic, with respect to the RTP layer 
the default initial setting of the frame rate slider 

This was the only reference I could find to using registry settings.  I
couldn't find any other info on the registry settings.  

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot.


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