[AG-TECH] Re: bug fixes for rat, esp. on win32 with e.g. SB Live! card

Colin Perkins csp at isi.edu
Mon Apr 1 14:23:35 CST 2002

Thanks, they look good. Applied.

--> Chris Greenhalgh writes:
>Attached are context diffs against RAT as per UCL CVS 11 March 2002 
>(v4.2.21) which fix crashes I have been experiencing on Windows 2000 Pro 
>with a Creative SB Live! Platinum 5.1 sound card (using latest drivers 
>from Creative).
>The main fixes (rat/auddev_win32.c) address bluescreening about 1in 4 
>times I start RAT (as per this build and also the version shipping with 
>VRVS2). Fix 1: with this card/OS I have about 8 mixer devices and 12 
>sound devices reported, which excede a #defined limit. Fix 2: probing 
>the sound card(s) on startup seems to be the main problem; I have 
>modified the probing cycle to no prepare/unprepare audio headers and 
>this seems to have made it stable.
>There is a minor adjust to rat/rtp_callback.c to downgrade an assert to 
>a warning (haven't chased through the implications).
>There is a fix to common/src/memory.c _xrealloc which was fundamentally 
>broken in debug mode (not taking the returned pointer from realloc).

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