[Fwd: [AG-TECH] Help us test our moose drool room!!! :)]

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Apr 1 11:09:09 CST 2002

Leslie Arvin wrote:

> videostreams in the room at the time.  With a name like
> Moose Drool it just sounded like the place to be!

yes, this is correct - anybody who's anybody parties in
the moose drool room! :)

to that effect, i've made a policy that the moose drool
room will remain "open" to pure bs'ing, having fun, etc.
if you want a place to jump in, unscheduled, leave your
mics and speakers on, look at pretty montana scenery, etc.,
please feel free to come on in.  i have my office "mini-AGN"
parked in there with speakers on so, if you come in and
say something interesting (e.g. key words like "beer,"
"mountains," "wildlife," "fishing," etc.) i may jump
in and say howdy :) :)

we got six multicast addresses so, two will be used for
moose drool room, two will be used for a "serious" room
(something like the Grizzly Bear Room - or, maybe an
interesting play on words - how about "The Grizzly Bar"
:)),and two will be used for experimental sorts of things.

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