[AG-TECH] VIC on display machine

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Mon Apr 29 04:15:10 CDT 2002

Just a thought - you're not running the AGware software on the
same machine are you?  We do, and if we don't set the priority of
AGware right down, it kills the performance of vic.  (Someone
was kind enough to tell us the means of doing this - Task Manager,
Processes tab, right click on process, Set Priority, Low).



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From: Michael Gates [mailto:mgates at SDSC.EDU]
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Subject: [AG-TECH] VIC on display machine

I'm having a lot of trouble with VIC on my display machine.  It is pegging
the cpu and is unresposive to moving of windows (the video in each window
still shows and moves).  I have had this problem with both vic and ddvic.
My display machine is a Windows PC, and I have this same problem in both
Windows 2000 and windows XP on both PIII and P4 machines.  The video cards
I am running are Geforce2 Mx400s (pci) and Either an integrated ATI or an
AGP Geforce2 256.

This problem makes it impossible for me to setup a display wall and change
views for different presenters.

Any ideas out there in AG land?

-Michael Gates

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