[AG-TECH] Multi-channel audio and ALSA

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 10 10:57:46 CDT 2002

At 04:51 PM 4/10/2002 +0100, Osland, CD (Chris) wrote:
>Thanks for those comments, Bob.  Looks like that's a green light
>to pursue the ALSA drivers and apps.  I'm away for the next 10
>working days but will do some downloads and tests when I get back.
>One thing that it will bring us closer to is a fully fledged AG node
>in a single computer - fewer cards needed.  Guess I might have
>a look at multi-channel video capture cards as well - quite a few
>do 4 streams on 1 card these days.

Beware the ones that are multiple inputs to a single chip. We have a Falcon 
Quattro here (in the FL Library node) that has four inputs each driving a 
capture chip. Works great, and they're probably easier to get where you are 


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