[AG-TECH] UTC Time Change

shudo at ni.aist.go.jp shudo at ni.aist.go.jp
Sun Apr 7 00:53:41 CST 2002

From: Don Morton <morton at cs.umt.edu>

> It's that time of the year, folks;  time for me to promote the merits
> of using UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) when coordinating AG
> reservations

I agree with you on using UTC.  We have had troubles in translating
American and European times to our time (JST) because several reasons:
They are far from our time and we're not familiar with Daylight Saving
rules of other countries.

It'll so nice if we could see reservations in UTC.  But local times
are convenience practically, so I'd like to propose that mandatory UTC
expression and optional local times.

I have written UTC time besides JST when I make reservation in past.
I have felt difficulty in writing a schedule striding over the day
change (0:00 AM).  When we write UTC time, we will encounter such
situation where we write a schedule across one day.  I hope a
convention for the case is established and posted up on the scheduler.

  Kazuyuki Shudo	shudo at computer.org	http://www.shudo.net/

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