[AG-TECH] Wednesday seminars at CCS,UKy

Santosh santosh at ccs.uky.edu
Fri Sep 28 12:51:12 CDT 2001

   On wednesday,Oct 03 their is a seminar given by Karin Remington from
Celera Genomics.This seminar will be broadcasted in Lucky Labrador virtual
venue.The seminar starts at 3:30 Eastern time and 2:30 Central time.
  The following is the Abstract of the seminar:
    Title:" some assembly requires: The assembly of the Human Genome at
Celera Geromics"

  In May 1998,J.Craig venter annouced the formation of a small new company
in Rockville,Maryland with the bold mission of sequencing the entire human
genome(all 3.5 billion base pairs) within a three year time frame.Almost
immediately,notable experts announced that it couldn't be done and the
race between public sector's sprawling and well-funded Human Genome
Project and the tiny newcomer Celera Genomics had begun.The politics were
hot, and an appealing target for the press,bringing the fledgling field of
genomics unprecedented popular media coverage.It was in this highly
charged atmosphere that the Assemly team at Celera Genomics faced an
enormous algorithmic and computational challenge:assembling the human
genome.The problem,from a computer scientist's viewpoint,can be posed with
deceptive simplicity;the details and sheer scale of the genome are what
made it fascinating for those involved.In this talk,I'll describe the
problem,the algorithmic and computational challenges,and ensuring
adventure that led us to the historic First Assembly of the human genome.

All are invited to attend the seminar.It would be a great help if the
interested parties can turn up a 30 min early so that we can have audio
and video checks.

                Thank you,
Centre for Computational sciences,
University of Kentucky,

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