[AG-TECH] Gentner AP-Ware?

Jeff Ramacher jeffr at mhpcc.edu
Tue Sep 25 16:59:15 CDT 2001

Has anyone been successful getting the new AP-Ware to work with win98? 
I'm experiencing the same problem as David: firmware upgrade and
communications seem fine, but software will not display GUI with matrix
or flow diagram.

Thanks in advance...
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David Minor wrote:
> Hi - quick followup - looks like it was a combination of things. Definitely a baud rate issue, but it also took 2 reboots to the Gentner. (?)  Perhaps something to do with the firmware upgrade didn't take first time around? I don't know. Things seem to be working great now though.
> Never could get the software to run on Win98, and on Win2k it eats a whole processor, but I can live with it.
> Thanks for everyone's responses.
> >>> Robert Olson <olson at mcs.anl.gov> 09/07/01 06:01AM >>>
> Are you using a standard straight-thru DB9-DB9 serial cable? I wonder if
> it's a flow control thing or some hw mismatch that is triggered by the new
> software. Also doublecheck the baud rate matches between the gentner (on
> the front panel) and apware.
> The meter lights flashing make me wonder if your gentner has been somehow
> set to be in slave mode. Aha. From the ap400 docs:
> >If the units are not connected correctly, you may experience a
> >synchronization error. This error occurs when slave units are not
> >receiving a signal from the master unit. Meter LED "+12" will flash red
> >and Meter LEDs "0", "-4", and "-30" flash green on affected slave units.
> >The error is a result of one of two problems: incorrect master/slave
> >configuration or a broken G-Link connection.
> >
> >If it is a master/slave configuration error, LEDs will flash on a unit
> >that is designated as a slave unit but does not have a master unit. To
> >correct the problem, make certain that MIXER MODE for the master unit is
> >set to MASTER-LINKED and not to MASTER-SINGLE (See Step 4¯MIXER MODE, next
> >page).
> >
> >If the error is in the G-Link connection, LEDs flash on the units that are
> >physically not connected to master unit. To correct the problem, check for
> >broken connections, and simply reconnect the G-Links.
> --bob
> At 05:40 PM 9/6/2001 -0600, David Minor wrote:
> >Hmmm. After reading people's positive experiences with the upgrade I
> >thought I'd try it...I'm having some big problems:
> >
> >1) First ran the install on the Win98 box that we've been using for
> >AudioPerfect. Install and firmware upgrade went off without a hitch.
> >However the AP-Ware app doesn't work correctly: it will connect with the
> >Gentner (AP400) fine, but I never get the Flow Control or Matrix screens -
> >that whole side of the App window remains blank. Hmm.
> >
> >2) So next I installed onto the Win2k display machine. Again no problem on
> >the install. Different problem when I try to run AP-Ware: this time I get
> >the purty pictures as I should, but can't connect to the Gentner! When I
> >try to connect I see the +12 and -10 meter lights on the unit flash, and I
> >get an entry in the error log:
> >  (Error -1)   No Response from AP Units.
> >  (AP-Ware)   Disconnecting from the site.
> >
> >So at the moment I'm dead in the water. It would be really easy to move
> >the Win98 box to Win2k, so I'm not too bothered about that, but this
> >no-connection thing is troubling.
> >
> >Anyone out there have any suggestions??
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >david.
> >
> > >>> John Shalf <jshalf at lbl.gov> 09/06/01 12:04 PM >>>
> >
> >Works fine after the firmware upgrade (the upgrade is
> >absolutely necessary). The actual upgrade process is
> >non-eventful.
> >
> >APWare does offer the convenience of adjusting sound levels
> >at the microphone source rather than on the audio capture PC
> >(a much more appropriate place for that adjustment).  Seems
> >to behave nicely on the same Win2k box that acts as the
> >display machine if you find it more convenient to run there.
> >
> >Default baud rate (9600 baud) is too low, so after you get
> >it working, you should try increasing the baud rate (have to
> >do this from the Gentner front-panel as well as on the
> >APware side).  But don't do this until *after* the firmware
> >upgrade.
> >
> >-john
> >
> >Randy Groves wrote:
> > >
> > > Anybody have any experiences (good or bad) with this?  It seems to require
> > > a firmware upgrade, which gives me a little pause.  Are the preset files
> > > compatible?
> > >
> > > -randy

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