[AG-TECH] Gentner AP-Ware?

David Minor dminor at salud.unm.edu
Fri Sep 7 18:22:43 CDT 2001

Hi - quick followup - looks like it was a combination of things. Definitely a baud rate issue, but it also took 2 reboots to the Gentner. (?)  Perhaps something to do with the firmware upgrade didn't take first time around? I don't know. Things seem to be working great now though. 

Never could get the software to run on Win98, and on Win2k it eats a whole processor, but I can live with it.

Thanks for everyone's responses.

>>> Robert Olson <olson at mcs.anl.gov> 09/07/01 06:01AM >>>
Are you using a standard straight-thru DB9-DB9 serial cable? I wonder if 
it's a flow control thing or some hw mismatch that is triggered by the new 
software. Also doublecheck the baud rate matches between the gentner (on 
the front panel) and apware.

The meter lights flashing make me wonder if your gentner has been somehow 
set to be in slave mode. Aha. From the ap400 docs:

>If the units are not connected correctly, you may experience a 
>synchronization error. This error occurs when slave units are not 
>receiving a signal from the master unit. Meter LED "+12" will flash red 
>and Meter LEDs "0", "-4", and "-30" flash green on affected slave units. 
>The error is a result of one of two problems: incorrect master/slave 
>configuration or a broken G-Link connection.
>If it is a master/slave configuration error, LEDs will flash on a unit 
>that is designated as a slave unit but does not have a master unit. To 
>correct the problem, make certain that MIXER MODE for the master unit is 
>set to MASTER-LINKED and not to MASTER-SINGLE (See Step 4―MIXER MODE, next 
>If the error is in the G-Link connection, LEDs flash on the units that are 
>physically not connected to master unit. To correct the problem, check for 
>broken connections, and simply reconnect the G-Links.


At 05:40 PM 9/6/2001 -0600, David Minor wrote:
>Hmmm. After reading people's positive experiences with the upgrade I 
>thought I'd try it...I'm having some big problems:
>1) First ran the install on the Win98 box that we've been using for 
>AudioPerfect. Install and firmware upgrade went off without a hitch. 
>However the AP-Ware app doesn't work correctly: it will connect with the 
>Gentner (AP400) fine, but I never get the Flow Control or Matrix screens - 
>that whole side of the App window remains blank. Hmm.
>2) So next I installed onto the Win2k display machine. Again no problem on 
>the install. Different problem when I try to run AP-Ware: this time I get 
>the purty pictures as I should, but can't connect to the Gentner! When I 
>try to connect I see the +12 and -10 meter lights on the unit flash, and I 
>get an entry in the error log:
>  (Error -1)   No Response from AP Units.
>  (AP-Ware)   Disconnecting from the site.
>So at the moment I'm dead in the water. It would be really easy to move 
>the Win98 box to Win2k, so I'm not too bothered about that, but this 
>no-connection thing is troubling.
>Anyone out there have any suggestions??
> >>> John Shalf <jshalf at lbl.gov> 09/06/01 12:04 PM >>>
>Works fine after the firmware upgrade (the upgrade is
>absolutely necessary). The actual upgrade process is
>APWare does offer the convenience of adjusting sound levels
>at the microphone source rather than on the audio capture PC
>(a much more appropriate place for that adjustment).  Seems
>to behave nicely on the same Win2k box that acts as the
>display machine if you find it more convenient to run there.
>Default baud rate (9600 baud) is too low, so after you get
>it working, you should try increasing the baud rate (have to
>do this from the Gentner front-panel as well as on the
>APware side).  But don't do this until *after* the firmware
>Randy Groves wrote:
> >
> > Anybody have any experiences (good or bad) with this?  It seems to require
> > a firmware upgrade, which gives me a little pause.  Are the preset files
> > compatible?
> >
> > -randy

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