[AG-TECH] RE: Fixing the audio connections etc in PS2 room

Kyoung Shin Park park at evl.uic.edu
Fri Sep 21 15:55:48 CDT 2001

Today, Seung and I tried to lable the audio connection.
But we figured out that the audio connection is not matched with the plasma
panel input source. So, before we start re-arranging the cabling in PS2
room, I'd like to ask you
what's needed, e.g. AG needs audio input/output.
Next week we will start re-arrange cables.
Let us know if anyone has any particular needs here.

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Okay...I think it's the second mic (not Polycom) that causes the feedback
problem, and you end up hearing yourself through the speakers. I'll try to
sort + label stuff.


On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Jason Leigh wrote:

> Hi Atul, Kyoung,
> can you two fix/clearup/clarify the audio connections on the PlasmaPC.
> now people are plugging in and unplugging audio rather than using the
> and so there is a weird feedback problem somewhere that we need to fix.
> we need to label the audio select box so it is obvious which button does
> what.
> Thanks
> Jason
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