[AG-TECH] Use of vtc to label video feeds

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Fri Sep 21 04:08:19 CDT 2001


As you know, we're using vtc to access the bridge for our first video feed,
then copying and pasting the vic command that is output from this to run
subsequent video feeds.

The trouble is that I can't label the video feed using the vtc command.
However, I *can* label subsequent video feeds by altering the value of
the -N parameter for the vic command. If I can rely on the port number
remaining constant for each meeting room, then I don't need to run vtc at
all (except initially, to discover the value of the port number for a
specific room).

Is this a safe thing to do? I know it is a less easy to use command (needing
a port number), but it would mean everyone can see a label for each video


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