[AG-TECH] IE as default browser in AGSetup1-0-1

Randy Groves randy at redwood.rt.cs.boeing.com
Thu Sep 20 12:40:06 CDT 2001

Well, I just sidestepped the whole thing by making Netscape my
default.  Not a problem any more.  I tried to start up a new window in IE
as you suggest, and the NEW window was defaulted to the AG Venue screen
and IT reset the venue.  Not sure if the AG venue page 'stuck' somehow or
whether it was the default.  It didn't seem so, since starting up IE
fresh, with no AG venue page open got me to the default - which seems to
be set at msn.com.

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Allan Spale wrote:

> Randy,
> My quick check of this proves the same at EVL.  A simple fix would be to
> have another Internet Explorer browser window open at all times when you
> think you might need to click on a URL in the MUD.  It seems that the
> hyperlink goes to the latest instance browser window instance.  So, if you
> had three IE browsers going, and you clicked on the URL in the MUD, the
> link would appear in the third instance of IE.  So, it seems like this
> workaround would solve your problem (and my implicit problem I never
> noticed before).
> Anyone can correct me if I should not be generalizing a solution in this
> manner.
> Allan
> evl at uic
> node-op

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