[AG-TECH] Display machine issue

Marty Hoag Marty.Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU
Thu Sep 13 12:15:40 CDT 2001

David Minor wrote:
> Hi - we're seeing an oddity on our display machine and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this:
> Machine in question is a Dell PIII Dual 833mhz. We're running Matrox G200s.
> We are seeing a performance problem when we open more than 2 or 3 windows while connected to the AG. 
   You are not alone.  Others have seen the slow tiling, slow window
movement, and loss percentages but the "threshold" probably varies.  In 
fact, on our display machine we had never identified this until we 
reinstalled the new AGiB code and at the same time upgraded W2K to SP2 
and installed new drivers (We have a dual G400 AGP and quad G200 PCI).
I just haven't had time to monkey around with drivers.  I think Russ at
BU had identified some improvement depending on what drivers you use
and I am using the unified ones right now so I should probably try 
changing drivers for the G200 first or something like that.  I think
Bob Olson identified a PCI setting in the BIOS that helped some 
performance problem at ANL (but our Intel board didn't have that
option - I think his was Supermicro).

   I seem to recall that this DOES seem to correlate pretty well with
50% CPU use which would be a maxed out processor (vic only uses one
as I understand it) but I don't recall the details now.


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