[AG-TECH] Display machine issue

David Minor dminor at salud.unm.edu
Thu Sep 13 11:57:47 CDT 2001

Hi - we're seeing an oddity on our display machine and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this:

Machine in question is a Dell PIII Dual 833mhz. We're running Matrox G200s.

We are seeing a performance problem when we open more than 2 or 3 windows while connected to the AG. At first we were interpreting this as a processor issue - but I don't think it is. Closer monitoring of the situation indicates that as soon as we hit 3 windows, the  *percentage of loss*  on the machine spikes. For instance, it's not unusual for us to have say 4-5 windows open (default medium size), and to be seeing 50-60% loss. This causes all kinds of problems - excessive tiling, artifiacts, etc. 

Talking with the other node on our campus (UHM High Performance), they don't see this behavior. Has anyone else seen this or have recommendations??



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