[AG-TECH] oss-sound driver for Linux-2.2.16-3

Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Thu Sep 13 10:54:11 CDT 2001


I have a problem with the oss-sound drive that I got from the opensound
website.  There is only file available, osslinux395e-2x.tar.gz, and it is
compiled for Linux-2.2.19.  I setup the audio machine from
Access-Grid-in-the-box CD, and the kernel is Linux-2.2.16-3.  Dose anybody
have the oss-sound driver for Linux-2.2.16-3?  Or you recommend me to update
to Linux-2.2.19 and will it effect or be incompatible with the AG software?

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