[AG-TECH] Network level meter to try

Bob Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Sep 7 11:20:25 CDT 2001

Hi folks. I've hacked together a UCL-libcommon-based netowrk audio level
meter for you to try out. It's pretty bare, but does the job. Runs on
Linux, built with Glade/Gtk/Gtk--. The levels it shows should be
equivalent to those in rat (since I snagged the level-computation code
from there).

The point of this tool is to aid in network level equalization. Each
site's level meter should peak at roughly the same level; if they do, each
site should sound as loud as each other site.

You can find the binary distribution tarfile at 


to install, download and run this as root:

	cd /usr/local
	tar xzf /wherever/netlevel-2001-0907.tar.gz

It'll create a directory /usr/local/gtk and executable

To run:

	netlevel ipaddress/port

for instance, to watch lobby audio:


It appears to run fine on the audio capture box.

If anyone is interested in doing some more work on this, please let me
know and I'll package up the sources.


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