[AG-TECH] RCSIG Demonstration

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Fri Sep 7 07:01:44 CDT 2001

Dear all,

As part of the RCSIG conference, we're hosting a demonstration of Access
Grid. Here's a link to the programme of events:


It would be really good if some of you could drop by the Full Sail Room
between about 15:20 and 15:45 UTC on Monday 10th Sept (that's 10 - 11am CDT)
so that we have some other sites to talk to. All very informal and pretty
short. If you intend to come, could you email me and put my mind at rest
that we'll have at least one other site to link with!

Hope to see you there!


Mike Daw
Computer Services for Academic Research (CSAR)
Manchester Computing, Kilburn Building, University of Manchester,
Manchester M13 9PL, UK
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 7026 Fax: +44 (0)161 275 6800
Email: mike.daw at man.ac.uk

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