[AG-TECH] Gentner AP-Ware?

Jeff W. Boote boote at ucar.edu
Thu Sep 6 12:57:05 CDT 2001

We are using it, and running on the display system - it has been working great.
(For almost a whole week now...)

We have not noticed the performance problems others have mentioned on the list.


Robert Olson wrote:
> At 09:53 AM 9/6/2001 -0700, Randy Groves wrote:
> >Anybody have any experiences (good or bad) with this?  It seems to require
> >a firmware upgrade, which gives me a little pause.  Are the preset files
> >compatible?
> We're running it on one of our AP400s and it seems to work fine. The
> firmware upgrade went without a hitch. The presets should be kept within
> the device itself, and can be loaded into APware if you tell it to
> initialize itself from the device state.
> I prefer the new APWare interface as it has a more logical grouping of mic
> level adjustments & meters.
> --bob

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