[AG-TECH] Computational Chemistry Conference (fwd)

Eric S. Johnson esj at cs.fiu.edu
Wed Sep 5 13:25:00 CDT 2001

We played with it for the AMPATH conference we had down here.
It worked quite well with the MBONE tools. You have to be sure
to set up your rat audio correctly (8khz Ulaw) for it to bridge 
to the H323 world.


>Someone should try this out and let us know how/if it works.

At 09:27 AM 9/5/2001, Tom Coffin wrote:
>Special AG interest, regarding this conference, is the
>new VRVS bridging software which enables h323 users into
>the AG environements.
>      http://www.vrvs.org/accessgrid.html

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