[AG-TECH] projectors and lighting

Art Ziarko aziarko at insors.com
Tue Sep 4 10:29:26 CDT 2001

Hi  David
If you are using fluorescent lighting I recommend that you use the Full
Spectrum light bulbs
they cost around $4-$5 each. They provide a clean white light. Ordinary
fluorescent bulbs
show a yellow discoloring to your video image.
As for projectors the higher the lumens the more crisp clear image you will
have to display
and still be able to light the room well enough.We have 1500 lumens
projectors ourselves and have used 3000 lumens on others and the picture
quality of the 3000 was incredible very close to the 17" flat screen
monitors we used.
The cost of projectors have come down a bit. What you paid for a 1200-1500
lumens projectors you can get 1800-2100 lumens.
> FYI, it seems that the Epson 710 projectors on the recommended
> hardware list have been discontinued.  There's a 715, but I don't know
> how the specs compare.
> What room lighting levels do people typically use in AG rooms?  Is
> there any advantage or disadvantage in using some of the
> high-brightness projectors now available?  For example, Epson 715 is
> 1200 lumens, but it is possible to get projectors with 2-2.5x the
> output.
> Thanks, David
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