[AG-TECH] Missed heartbeat - ORB problem

Kabe Vanderbaan Kabe_VanderBaan-KVANDER2 at email.mot.com
Wed Nov 21 08:50:46 CST 2001

edit your hosts file:

That should take care of your problem.


Mike Daw wrote:
> I'm having trouble with my audio machine and running arm-eventlistener. I'm
> not getting a heartbeat. (By the way, I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do
> with my /etc/hosts file or running set-display-machine as I've fiddled
> around in these areas for ages.)
> The error I'm getting from arm-eventlistener is:
> Warning: ORB::BOA_init: hostname lookup returned 'localhost' (
> Incidentally, it would be useful to look at the code that's outputting this
> error, so I can see what exactly it's trying to do. Is it on RedHat AG
> distribution? If so, where is it?
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