[AG-TECH] An Answer to Who Is Talking: Using X11 to Capture RAT Talk Meter

Allan Spale aspale at evl.uic.edu
Tue Nov 20 11:59:26 CST 2001


I have again been doing some experimenting with the wonders of X11 scren
capture in Linux.  I have discovered a simple (although convoluted) way of
getting the Talk meter in RAT to appear in one video window.  This is what
you do:

1.  Read the e-mail I sent out before concerning doing overlays with
graphics using X11.  Make sure that you have one video window being
captured on the video machine using X11.  This video window should be on a
lower screen according to the pager applet.

2.  Run VIC on the audio machine using the following command:
	vic <video machine ip address>/<any port above 5000 not in use>
	EX. vic

3.  Make sure that RAT is running in an upper desktop page (use the pager
applet on the "task bar" as a guide).

4.  Stretch the RAT window so that only meter on the Talk side of RAT is
visible (stretch the meter from the Listen side of RAT off to the screen
on the left).  Stretch the RAT window so that it is about the size of a
medium-sized VIC window.

5.  Make the task bar move to a side of the screen, so that you can place
the RAT in the bottom portion of the current screen. 

6.  Position the RAT window so that it hangs over onto the bottom screen
(use the pager as a guide for positioning).  The only parts of RAT that
should be visible on this current (upper) screen is the title bar, the
Talk button, and the input source (such as Line In).  Also make sure that
the Talk part of RAT is at the left edge of the screen.  If this is done
properly, the Talk meter and the slider should appear at the top of the
lower screen.

7. Press the Menu button in VIC.  Configure VIC so that it has a high
frame rate and reasonable bandwidth.  Set the Device to X11.  Make sure to
press Transmit.  At this time, return to the upper screen and move the
task bar back onto the screen.

8.  Switch to the video machine.  Make sure you will run VIC from the
screen that is currently performing an X11 screen capture of the video
window.  Run another instance of VIC that connects to the audio machine: 
	vic <audio machine ip address>/<any port number above 5000>
	EX. vic

9.  If the connection is correct between the video and the audio machine,
you should see the RAT window in the video window.  Bring up this video
window by clicking on its thumbnail in the VIC window.

10.  Position the VIC window so that the actual video part of the window
(right below the title bar) appears at the bottom edge of the video being
captured using X11 on the video machine.

11.  Right click on the VIC window containing video of the RAT window.
Choose from the popup menu: Set Border Style -> BORDERLESS.  This will
remove the title bar and the window border around this video window.

12.  Switch to the display machine and look at VIC.  Bring up the
thumbnail containing the RAT talk meter.  See if it is aligned as you
would like it to be.  If not, repeat steps 5, 6, and 7.

13.  Return to the audio machine and press the Talk button.

14.  Return to the display machine.  Go to a mic and snap your fingers or
tap the table.  If the video window containing the RAT talk meter lights
up when you do this, you now have the ability to let others know when you
are talking and how loudly you are talking.  This might also be a good,
simple way to stay on the display machine while checking for echo.

If anyone has any questions, clarifications, or suggestions, please e-mail
me or add to this thread.


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