[AG-TECH] maui hostname changes

Jeff Ramacher jeffr at mhpcc.edu
Wed Nov 7 14:31:49 CST 2001

Maui has changed host names and IPs on all 4 AG machines here.  Do we
need to notify anyone or fill out a new node registration?  Could this
be a reason why we're having a 1-way mcast problem?


Here is the new information:
AUDIO:   agaudio.mhpcc.edu

DISPLAY: agdisplay.mhpcc.edu

CONTROL: agcontrol.mhpcc.edu

VIDEO:   agvideo.mhpcc.edu
Jeff Ramacher            (808) 879-5077 - x264
Webmaster                (808) 879-5018 - FAX
Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC)
   A Center of The University of Hawai'i

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